New Brunswick Public Service Pension Plan (NBPSPP)


The following Pension Estimate Calculator is designed to provide pension estimate information for plan members of the New Brunswick Public Service Pension Plan (NBPSPP). The information obtained from the use of the Pension Estimate Calculator is for the general guidance of NBPSPP members with respect to NBPSPP benefits only.

Please note that the Pension Estimate Calculator tool requires information provided from the "Online Calculator Tool Benefit Information" section of your most recent NBPSPP Employee Statement of Pension Benefits. If you do not have this statement readily available, please contact Vestcor’s Member Services Team in order to obtain a copy of your most recent statement.

In addition, if you are nearing retirement or are terminating your employment, you can request a formal NBPSPP pension estimate; please contact your human resources department or Vestcor in order to initiate these requests.

If you have any questions or require any additional information regarding the Pension Estimate Calculator or the rules and provisions of the NBPSPP, please do not hesitate to contact Vestcor's Member Services Team at 1-800-561-4012 (toll free) or 506-453-2296 (Fredericton), or by e-mail at

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